Home Sweet Home

Welcome to my world- a world revolving around my love for travel, lifestyle and now my upcoming wedding. I absolutely love to write and I have big plans to fill this feed with the things I love most in life.

I have travelled to many countries around the world and I am becoming evermore closer to reaching my goal of travelling to 30 countries before I turn 30 years old. My travel posts will be a mixture of reviews, stories and general travel lifestyle posts.

My lifestyle posts will be my most varied and will generally track what I am doing to make sure I am enjoying my life in the healthiest and happiest way possible. This does not exclude chocolate however…

And the other big piece of news is that I will be getting married in 2021. I have recently learnt that I have no idea what I am doing, where to start and how on earth to plan a day like that. I am also trying to plan a wedding to a budget and I’m excited to share with you how that’s going… (not well).

Feel free to leave me a cheeky little comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you. Equally, my contact page has all my details if you’d like to reach out.

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